Business Aviation

Posted on Nov 12th, 2015

The Wicks Group Consulting has extensive experience in serving the business aviation sector, including the range of corporate, charter, and private operators of business aircraft, as well as foreign government agencies interested in developing the business aviation sector in their country. Services regularly provided to business aviation operators include strategic planning and financial analysis; assessment, review, and valuation of business aviation companies involved in potential mergers and acquisitions; recommendations on aircraft ownership and operating structures; and recommendations on aircraft acquisition, financing, leasing, and aircraft completions. We also consult with foreign businesses on the US registration and international operation of their corporate aircraft, and on their aircraft-related arrangements with US business partners. In addition, we assist with preparing and maintaining compliant technical manuals and other required documentation, and with developing monitoring plans and annual reports required under the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

We assist government agencies with business aviation sector development goals by providing various types of research and analyses and regulatory assessments to identify the best strategies for fostering sector growth in general, or at specific airports. This type of assistance often also includes meeting with stakeholders, preparing strategic plans, and preparing and presenting executive briefings to government decision-makers.

Representative Experience

  • Consulting with FAR 125 certificate holders operated from two foreign countries on the US registration of their aircraft and maintaining current Operations Specifications over time
  • Resolving a complex commercial dispute over the VIP completion of a Saudi Royal Flight aircraft, safeguarding the client’s interests and leading to the successful completion of the aircraft with minimal disruption to the schedule
  • Preparing for two foreign private jet operators their European Union ETS monitoring plan, preparing their annual reports on emissions levels; and assisting the operators with obtaining and surrendering emissions certificates
  • Providing the Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority with strategic planning and analytical support related to development of a state-of-the-art General Aviation/Business Aviation (GA/BA) facility at a greenfield airport, including preparing a detailed strategic business plan, making comprehensive financial projections focused on revenues and job creation, advising on critical aviation regulations governing GA/BA, and preparing executive briefings on the plan and projections for government decision-makers
  • Assisting several GA/BA operators and pilots with resolution of regulatory issues arising in the course of operations, including interfacing with relevant FAA Flight Standards District Offices
  • Obtaining special flight authorizations for flights in restricted air space (e.g., Iraq) and waivers for airmen undertaking flyovers for special events
  • Providing recommendations to the Singapore Civil Aviation Authority as to the key business aviation value chain segments that should be targeted for development at Singapore’s secondary airport, based on a general market review, interviews with stakeholders, and a review of Singapore regulations relevant to business aviation
  • Additional experience of the firm’s lead business aviation consultants includes: analyzing the acquisition of Europe’s largest charter company; preparing a strategic plan to position a firm as the global leader in the business aviation services sector, including supporting analyses of the expected development and expansion of the business aviation sector; developing innovative service offerings for a business jet aircraft fractional ownership program to improve its competitive position; analyzing potential strategic alliances for an online air charter broker; and conducting pricing studies for Delta Airlines’ business aviation unit.