Air Carriers

Posted on Nov 12th, 2015

The Wicks Group provides a range of consulting services to air carriers to assist them in achieving business development goals and avoiding regulatory compliance problems. We assist foreign air carriers with obtaining the necessary US governmental approvals and certifications to start-up US operations. We also provide air carriers with ongoing regulatory compliance services and other types of support for their US operations, drawing on our expertise in the processes and practices of the relevant US agencies, including the Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Homeland Security and Transportation Safety Administration, Department of State, Customs and Border Protection, Department of the Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control, and Citizenship and Immigration Services.

The Wicks Group also regularly provides strategic advice to foreign and domestic air carriers airlines on the selection of business partners, based on an understanding of client needs and proffered commercial terms, and on marketing their services in the US. We advise them on approaches to doing business in the US, as well as on their arrangements with US business partners. The firm also assists investor groups with decisions involving both domestic and foreign air carriers, including providing assessments of domestic and international route structures.

In addition, The Wicks Group consults with foreign air carriers undergoing certification by their governments. This work typically includes developing the overall work plan for accomplishing the certification process; revising existing management, operations, and maintenance practices and documentation; developing new or improved procedures and documentation; providing guidance on how demonstration and inspection requirements can best be met; and assisting air carrier managers with resolving any questions raised by government inspectors.

Representative Experience

  • Providing various types of regulatory compliance and general operations support to more than 40 foreign air carriers to assist them in start-up and ongoing US operations, including preparing applications for permits and approvals, monitoring and troubleshooting permitting and approval processes, developing security and other specialized programs required for regulatory compliance, helping the carriers locate office and other facility space, assisting foreign personnel who will be based in the US with obtaining visas, and identifying appropriate service providers
  • Assisting Saudi Arabian Airlines with strengthening its policies, procedures, and practices regarding air travel to or from the US by individuals with disabilities to support compliance with the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) and related “Part 382” regulations, including reviewing airline manuals, conducting a station audit of operational practices, developing a special ACAA/Part 382 compliance handbook, and delivering ACAA and Part 382 regulatory training to airline personnel
  • Developing a revised Continuing Analysis and Surveillance System (CASS), required by the FAA, for several Part 135 operators whose CASS designs and documentation were determined to be out-of-compliance with regulatory requirements, and training the operators’ personnel on the new policies, procedures, and activities required for the revised CASS
  • Assisting several foreign air carriers with licensing their operations in Canada, working with both the Canadian Transportation Agency and Transport Canada, as well as other Canadian government agencies
  • Assisting a foreign air operator with obtaining FAA Part 125 certification, including developing various manuals needed for certification and facilitating manual approval by the FAA
  • Assisting the flag passenger and cargo air carriers in the Republic of Azerbaijan, two passenger air carriers in India, the flag passenger carrier of Trinidad and Tobago, and an air carrier in Ukraine with certification by their government authorities following the adoption of new aviation regulations in their country, including providing them with Statement of Compliance templates, assisting with manual preparation, and consulting with them on acceptable approaches to meeting demonstration and inspection requirements.