Process Facilitation and Support

FAA Flight Standards Service Program Design

Posted on Nov 12th, 2015

The Wicks Group provided AFS with assistance in organizing, supporting, and facilitating a work group of 12 regional representatives that was tasked with developing a National Leadership Development Program for AFS. The work group was to suggest revisions to improve an existing program and identify other program components that should be developed. The work group also was tasked with recommending where the new program should sit within the AFS management structure and how it should be staffed.

The Wicks Group provided overall project management services, carried out primary data collection to identify “Best Practices” in leadership development among other federal agencies and the private sector, prepared reports and meeting presentations on the Best Practices and other key research topics (Succession Planning, Coaching, Mentoring, and Competency-Based Interviewing), and provided full meeting management and facilitation services for four work group meetings over a period of several months. For each meeting, the TWG project manager conferred with the AFS lead to develop an agenda, prepared and sent out background and draft materials, facilitated the discussions to achieve consensus on program design, and prepared and sent out meeting notes.

TWG also prepared the work group’s final report on the new program design and drafted the Executive Briefing used to present the work group results to FAA executives. The proposed program redesign, including establishment of a new Headquarters-level national leadership development office, was approved and implemented by the FAA