Corporate Aviation Assistance

Cumberland Development Company

Posted on Nov 12th, 2015

Cumberland Development Company (CDC) operates business aircraft in connection with its energy-related businesses. The Wicks Group has provided consulting services to CDC in developing key policies and procedures for its flight department. These included CDC’s Corporate Aircraft Usage Policy, setting forth its policies and procedures for authorizing use of the aircraft and ensuring regulatory compliance and beneficial tax treatment, as well as its Emergency Response Plan, to be used in the event of an accident or incident. Our consultants also performed financial analyses for CDC to help it to determine the most efficient location and timing for performing maintenance on its aircraft.

In additon, The Wicks Group, PLLC, a sister company of The Wicks Group Consulting, has provided legal assistance to CDC in connection with multiple business jet transactions. Firm attorneys also helped the company structure joint ownership arrangements to allow sharingof its aircraft among related entities while still complying with Part 91 of the Federal Aviation Regulations governing private carriage. TWG attorneys also advised on federal rules regarding use of the aircraft for personal travel.

The two firms have seamlessly coordinated consulting and legal services to CDC to help the flight department prosper, enhance safety, operate efficiently, and maintain compliance with the complex web of regulations governing U.S business aviation operations