Areas of Focus

International Aviation Safety Assessment
Civil Aviation Safety Inspector Training
Exit Seating Program Design and Evaluation
Air Carrier Access Act Compliance Training
Policy and Procedures Development


Adelphi University


International Society of Air Safety Investigators
Women in Aviation
FAA Technical Women’s Organization

Yvette Hau Lepera Senior Technical Consultant
202-457-7790 (office)
516-817-0691 (mobile)

Yvette Hau Lepera is a Senior Technical Consultant for TWG Consulting, specializing in cabin safety. She has more than 20 years of experience as an FAA Cabin Safety Inspector, where her work included performing air carrier certifications, surveillance, investigations and aircraft accident Investigations with the National Transportation Safety Board. Serving as a regional Cabin Safety Program Manager, and staffing various national projects and assignments, including teaching at the Costa Rican civil aviation authority. Yvette works on the firm’s IASA-related projects, including providing training to cabin safety inspectors at foreign civil aviation authorities in India and elsewhere, and also provides training for foreign air carriers on compliance with the US Air Carrier Access Act and related federal regulations.

Yvette also has more than 20 years of experience working for airlines. This included serving as Director of Flight Attendants for a US carrier, in which capacity she provided training to flight attendants and flight crewmembers on Federal Aviation Regulations and emergency procedures.

Representative Experience

  • Providing cabin safety inspector training for the India IASA Category 1 sustainment project and for numerous FAA cabin safety inspector training courses
  • Providing Air Carrier Access Act/Part 382 regulations training to US-based personnel of a major foreign air carrier
  • Serving as the FAA’s lead regional headquarters reviewer for air carrier Exit Seating Programs and DOT 14 CFR 382 Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Handicap in Air Travel
  • Developing and reviewing various detailed procedures and briefing cards used by air carriers for compliance with Air Carrier Access Act/Part 382 Regulations
  • Performing detailed reviews of air operator’s exit seating programs to the operator to identify aspects requiring improvement in order to secure FAA approval
  • Serving as Director of Cabin Crew Training and as a Cabin Crew Supervisor for a US air carrier