Areas of Focus

Aviation SMS
Aviation Policy and Regulatory Development
Air Carrier Safety Procedures and Audits
Air Carrier Operations Manual Development
Air Navigation Systems


BA (Aviation Science), Shepherds College
FAA courses on SMS, Air Transportation Oversight Systems (ATOS), other topics

Jerome Ostronic Senior Technical Consultant
202-457-7790 (office)
724-518-4451 (mobile)

Jerome (Jerry) Ostronic, a Senior Technical Consultant for TWG, has nearly 40 years of aviation experience, including more than 20 years with the Federal Aviation Administration as an operations inspector and in other roles. He also was a pilot with US Airways, and has many years of experience providing consulting services related to aviation safety, manual development, and other operations-related matters. Jerry’s areas of specialization include aviation Safety Management Systems (SMS), air carrier safety and regulatory compliance, and operational safety audits, and he also has experience with air navigation systems. He is currently assisting with the firm’s International Aviation Safety Assessment project for the civil aviation authority of Cabo Verde.

Representative Experience

  • Providing aviation safety inspections technical assistance to foreign civil aviation authorities
  • Developing operational procedures, formulating training programs, and implementing maintenance programs for various aircraft operations under FAR 135/141/91/61
  • Developing air carrier General Operations Manuals, Flight Crew Training Manuals, MEL Manuals, and Maintenance Manuals
  • Conducting operational safety audits of domestic and international air carriers
  • Conducting in-depth safety analyses of major flight departments from the aspect of management, financial solidity, operations, and maintenance
  • Conducting routine compliance audits for operators under FAR 135/141
  • Evaluating airport operational safety and equipment
  • Providing comparative aircraft feasibility studies on large turbine aircraft for corporate and air carrier operations
  • Serving as the Assistant Principal Operations Inspector for the US Airways Certificate Management Office
  • Serving as the Branch Manager and Staff Operations Specialist in the FAA Air Transportation Division, Operations Branch (AFS-220), managing Flight Standards rulemaking and policy development projects regarding air carrier operations responsibilities and resources
  • Serving as an Air Traffic Control Specialist, including providing en-route separation, sequencing, and air traffic flow management in both the high and low altitude airways structures of the National Airspace