Areas of Focus

IASA and IOSA Audit Preparation
Air Carrier Certification
Air Carrier Safety Audits
Corrosion Prevention and Control Programs
Aging Aircraft Programs

Dale Hoth Senior Technical Consultant
202-457-7790 (office)
412-370-8440 (mobile)

Dale Hoth is a Senior Technical Consultant for TWG Consulting, specializing in airworthiness. He has more than 20 years of experience as an FAA airworthiness aviation safety inspector, including surveillance of a major US air carrier during a series of airline mergers, and certification inspections of air carriers as well as foreign maintenance and repair stations. He also was involved in the development of numerous FAA Advisory Circulars related to airworthiness matters, and was an FAA subject matter expert for de-icing programs, corrosion prevention and control programs, aging aircraft programs, and weight and balance programs.

Since retiring from the FAA, Dale has worked extensively as an airworthiness aviation safety consultant, including on TWG’s IASA audit preparation projects for the civil aviation authorities of India and Cabo Verde. He also regularly conducts safety audits for air carriers and assesses foreign air carrier readiness for International Aviation Safety Assessment (IASA) and International Operations Safety Assessment (IOSA) audits.

Representative Experience

  • Serving as a senior airworthiness consultant for the TWG IASA audit preparation projects for India and Cabo Verde
  • Conducting safety audits for several US air operators transporting non-combatants throughout Afghanistan
  • Performing gap analysis for several foreign air carriers to assist them in preparing for an IOSA audit
  • Serving as an FAA Airworthiness Aviation Safety Inspector with regulatory oversight responsibility for the US Airways Certificate Management Office during the airline’s mergers with Piedmont, PSA, Trump Shuttle, and America West
  • Serving as an FAA Subject Matter Expert in the field of Boeing, B-737, Corrosion Prevention & Control Program and the Regulatory Aging Aircraft Program
  • Serving as the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Director, Headquarters, US Air Force, Office of Air Force Reserve at The Pentagon